"Homes for the Homeless"

"Homes for the Homeless"

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Obama's Accomplishments... The only one who will lead us out of the 30 year fall in America.

I'm really amazed that people are so impatient and expect an overnight recovery of the economy. I can't believe people don't know that it's going to take at least ten years to get out of the hole the Republicans put us in simply because and bottom line is no one has disposable income when they are paying all their income for Housing, Insurance, Medical Care and recently, food. The housing market did go south, however, is still unaffordable for many. Hence the Middle Class is the New Poor and the Homeless are a new culture in America. The homeless population exploded in the 80's and continued it's growth to families with children for the past 30 years (before Obama). How blind people are in this country, however, they are waking up and looking at the real picture of Greed in this country.

Obama's done so much!!
Thank you Ayenne Applebaum, for listing Obama's accomplishments:
"Recovery Act, Affordable Care Act, Wall St Reform( granted w/no prosecutions), Ending Combat Operations in Iraq, Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell, Reforming Student lending- the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, Credit card Reform- the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility andDisclosure Act- oh yeah and NuclearArms Control, Ahh- Ending all combat operations in Iraq & Bringing home nearly 100,000 troops- and where is Osama bin Laden????? 3 count them 3 women on the Supreme Ct- more than in its history- so if this is "caving" I should be such a pushover!
You have to lay the foundation before you can build the walls!"

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