"Homes for the Homeless"

"Homes for the Homeless"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Notes on the Declining Middle Class

Money and Corporations have a stranglehold on the public. Insurance companies and banks have total control of the people's financial behavior. When everyone survives by living in constant debt due to the high cost of necessities such as housing, utilities, insurance and health care, they are doomed to pay the high interest on debt for their lifetime. Just 30 years ago the people could pay off their debts long before retirement, and 20 years ago "homelessness" was rare. If living on credit were nonexistent, everything would be affordable. A lot of people are paying as much as 75% (25% is acceptable) of their income on housing alone.
The high population of homelessness can never be an accurate count as there are many homeless (formerly of the middle class) who live in their car, RV or boat out of necessity. They don't want to call attention to their plight.

The banks are paying low interest on savings and charging high interest on loans. The bank executives are receiving obscene bonuses.

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